Bottoms Up! Everything You Need To Know About Potable Water And Potable Water Servicing

Providing safe and clean water for construction workers on the job site is an essential task for any construction manager. Here's a closer look at potable water and potable water servicing. What Is Potable Water? Potable water is water that is safe for human consumption. Before the water can be deemed potable, it must undergo filtration, disinfection, and chlorination. The finished product must meet certain standards and requirements to be considered potable, including:

Here's Why You Should Consider Rubber Safety Resurfacing For Your Hotel Pool Deck

Rubber safety resurfacing is one of the most important upgrades you can make to your hotel's pool deck. It entails adding rubber to the pool deck concrete without necessarily re-constructing it. This piece analyzes the benefits of rubber safety resurfacing and why you should make it a priority upgrade for your hotel pool deck. Easy maintenance Keeping the pool area of your hotel clean is essential in ensuring comfort and safety for your clients.

Health-Related Reasons to Hire a Residential Exterior Waterproofing Contractor

Most homeowners fully understand the potential dangers of structural damage to their homes when water infiltration occurs in their basement or crawlspace. Consistent exposure to moisture is known to erode concrete and masonry surfaces and allow cracks to form that ultimately allow even more moisture infiltration to occur. Over time, basement and crawlspace walls can lose the structural strength and ability to support the weight of the home, making it possible for the development of serious settlement damage.

How To Ready A Property For Residential Construction

When you're paying residential construction contractors to handle work, you want your site to be as ready as possible for work to start. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to promote a good beginning for a project. Survey and Engineering Studies Before you start any work, it's a good idea to determine what you'll be up against. Have a professional surveyor confirm the dimensions of the property and place stakes for key points on it.

How Is Industrial Construction Different From Residential Or Commercial Work?

If you've never participated in an industrial construction project, it can be hard to appreciate how different one is from doing commercial or residential work. Industrial construction contractors will often encounter the following four issues. Scale Much of the point of the industry is to achieve economies of scale. Creating the infrastructure for such economies of scale, though, is no simple task. Many industrial activities require significantly more water, for example, than you'll see, even in giant multifamily buildings or corporate offices.