Tips To Safely Clean Your Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is an extremely popular option for many homeowners because it is extremely affordable and durable. However, there are some individuals that may make mistakes when cleaning these floors that can lead to irreparable damage to it. When this happens, the only way to correct the damage will be to replace the laminate, but there are a couple of tips you can follow to help ensure that your laminate flooring is safe from two of the more common causes of problems.

Ice Dams: The Secret Enemy Of Roofs Everywhere

Homeowners work so hard to protect their roofs from falling limbs, lightning and other sources of danger that they often ignore the most common enemy of roof integrity: ice dams. These nefarious creations cause pooled water that can eat into your shingles and cause leaks. Understanding ice dams can help you protect yourself from their assault. Meet the Enemy Ice dams are sneaky little buggers: they form secretly on your roof without giving away their position.

Purchasing A Fixer Upper House? Make Sure You Have It Inspected First

If you are purchasing a fixer upper, it can be exciting to fix it up, and imagine what it is going to look like one day. Before you purchase the house, however, call a professional to make sure it is safe to work in. For example, it could have asbestos, lead, and a cracked foundation that can be dangerous for you. Asbestos Asbestos is a fibrous material that is not dangerous unless it is disturbed in some way.

Winter Is A Great Time To Fix Your Air Conditioning System

With all the rain, snow and cold temperatures outside, the last thing most people are thinking about is their air conditioning system. However, if your air conditioning was not working well last summer, winter is a great time to have it fixed. Here are a few of the top reasons you should fix your air conditioning this winter. Lower Costs Air conditioning service repair companies are not nearly as busy during the winter months as they are during the summer.

Ditch the Dust: How to Convert a Dirt Drive to Asphalt

Living away from the bustle of the city has its benefits, but dirt drives and private roads aren't one of them. Pot holes and rutting require expensive and time consuming maintenance, such as frequent grading. Investing in an asphalt overlay makes your private drive nearly maintenance-free, and it will keep down the road dust on your property. Size Requirements Chances are your existing drive or road is sufficiently wide enough for asphalt installation, as long as it's a finished road and not just a dirt track.