Tips For Planning A Home Addition For An Office

If a change in your job has meant that you've begun to work from home, you might have set up a workspace in a spare bedroom or in the basement. As the weeks turn into months of working in this location, it can be nice to start think about more of a permanent home office. If there's no space in your home that makes sense for this usage, one idea to consider is a home addition. The addition can provide you with a dedicated place to work in an uninterrupted manner throughout the day, even if the rest of your family is at home. Here are some tips for planning a home addition for your office.

Home Office Size

You'll want to give careful consideration to the size of the addition that will serve as your home office. If you're on a tight budget, a small space that provides just enough room for a desk, a bookshelf, and perhaps another piece of furniture can be adequate. If you're able to spend more money, however, a larger space can feel roomy, something that is valuable if you're spending several hours there each day. If your job sometimes requires you to meet with people in person, having a large addition that can comfortably hold a small conference table and some chairs can be valuable.

Addition Location

The shape of your home and the size of your yard will partially dictate where you can situate the addition. If you have multiple options, it's good to think about what location makes the most sense. For example, an addition at the rear of your home might be appealing in some situations. However, if you have a swimming pool in this area, the addition may be better elsewhere. If the addition were next to the pool, you might constantly be aware of your children swimming during the summer, something that could be distracting when you're working or taking part in a video call.

Project Timeline

You'll want to speak to a home addition contractor to discuss your various ideas. Once you have a firm plan about the addition, confirm how long the project will take. If possible, it's ideal to plan this project around a timeline that suits your job. For example, if you've learned that your role at work will expand in several months, you might want the project completed in the meantime so that when your job changes, you'll have a brand new space in which to work. Find home addition contractors near you to start your project today.