The Commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing Guide to Creating Safer Spaces and Custom Designs

When it comes to commercial pools, safety is a priority. Old pool deck surfacing can be one of the hazards around your facilities, and resurfacing can help you change this. In addition, newer, softer pool deck surfacing also gives you options for a custom commercial surface. The following commercial pool deck resurfacing guide will help you make improvements that make your facilities safer.

Inspect existing surfaces for hazards

The existing commercial pool deck surface should be inspected for hazards before resurfacing. Inspecting the existing pool deck will allow you to identify problems that need to be addressed, which include:

  • Poor drainage and puddling
  • Skimmer covers that are exposed
  • Uneven areas of the deck surface
  • Other slip and fall hazards

These are pool deck surface safety hazards that you will want to address when you have your pool area resurfaced.

Choose the type of pool surfacing

The pool deck surface can be made from a variety of materials, and you want to choose the safest and most durable solution for your business. Today, porous pavements that are made of recycled rubber and plastic waste provide the safest and most versatile solution for your pool deck area. These materials are ideal for replacing old concrete, tile, and other surface materials that can get slick and be hazardous.

Adding safety covers and drains

Another improvement to add to your commercial pool resurfacing project is safety covers and drains. The covers for equipment like pool skimmers need to have a safe design that locks them in place. In addition, you also want to talk to the resurfacing contractor about installing drainage to the pool deck surface to deal with problems due to water puddling on the pool deck surface.

Designing custom pool surface branding

Lastly, branding is an important part of your business, and resurfacing can give you the option to add details to your pool area. You may want to do things like add logos, use your brand colors, and add other custom details to the surface of the pool area that helps make your brand more recognizable. These custom brand features in the pool deck will also make the new surface more attractive.

These commercial pool deck designs can help you improve your business with safer features and custom design. If you are ready to update your pool area, contact a commercial pool deck resurfacing contractor, and ask them about these solutions for the new surface.