Tips To Adhere Vinyl Graphics To Your Vehicle

Vinyl graphics added to your car can really make your vehicle stand out. If the graphics include the name and logo of your business, then your car can become the perfect mobile billboard. Custom designed, printed, and cut graphics can help you to retain your brand, and all you need is to add the graphics to your car. You can do this by yourself. Just make sure that you take your time to make sure the installation goes smoothly. If you are unfamiliar with the way vinyl graphics work, then keep reading to learn about a few installation tips.

Use A Wetting Solution

If you are not a vinyl installation expert, then you may not be able to position the vinyl graphics perfectly. Professionals can typically do this, and they will use a dry application process where the vinyl is placed directly on the body of the car. You should probably not do this though, because the graphic will need to be removed completely if it must be repositioned. You should instead use a wet application process. This process involves spraying a solution on the car and placing the vinyl graphic over the solution. The wetting material creates a moist surface underneath the graphic so it can be moved around. 

You can purchase a wetting material from your vinyl graphics supplier, or you can make your own. Most wetting solutions are a mixture of water and a detergent. Water and dish soap mixed in a small spray bottle will work just fine. Fill the spray bottle with about two cups of water and add about two teaspoons of dish soap. Gently shake the bottle and spray a mist of the solution on your vehicle. To make sure the wetting agent does not evaporate too quickly, place your car in the shade or in your garage first.

Use a Squeegee Tool

Once you have the vinyl graphic positioned carefully, you may see some bubbles underneath it. The bubbles are simply air underneath the vinyl. In some cases, this may be caused by the soap or detergent in the wetting solution. Fortunately, most of the air can be removed with a vinyl application tool. This tool is a flat piece of nylon or polyethylene that is about the size of a credit card. The tool is slightly flexible so you do not damage your car or the graphic when you remove air. The long flat side of the tool can be used to press on the bubble to force it to one of the edges of the graphic.

Use the application tool after securing the graphic. If all the bubbles do not come out right away, do not worry. Many air bubbles will work their way out from the vinyl soon after you are done applying the graphic.

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