How To Get A Unique And Amazing Man Cave: The Must Have Features

If you are looking to create a great personalized man cave in your basement, where you can watch sports and entertain, there are some unique features to consider putting in the space. You don't want to do the same thing that everyone else does, and you don't need an interior designer to get a great result. Here are a few of the design options you want to consider when finishing the space.

Exposed Brick Walls

If you have a brick basement already, it won't be difficult to get a great exposed decorative wall that draws attention. You can use masonry paint and brush the bricks any color you want. If you have a cement cinder block basement, you can have a mason come to the property to put up a layer of brick faces, to give you the look of brick. This gives a very industrial and textured look along the walls.

Authentic Wood Bars and Cabinetry

Search through online classified ads and in local antique shops for authentic old bar cabinetry, or old bars that came out of pubs, breweries and other establishments. You can have the wood stained and improved, or you can keep the rustic look. Getting the bar stools and shelving to go with it helps give you seating and storage options. Old advertisement signs from your favorite beer, wine or liquor suppliers can also be found to give the space a personalized touch.

Stamped Concrete Bar Top

Instead of having a solid wood bar top, or a stone or laminate option, have a concrete professional come to your house. The concrete company can pour a bar top and stamp and stain it with an emblem, your initials and more. It can even be stamped to look like weathered wood. Concrete is a reliable countertop option that is easy to clean and maintain, and you won't have to worry about chips, staining or fading. The contractor can also make a stamped concrete table to match the design of the bar top for your space.

Before you finish your basement you need to see what permits are needed for the project. If you are working with contractors for the drywall, electrical and other features, make sure that you tell them about these unique features you want to add, so you have the plumbing and wiring that you need in the proper areas for your bar or entertaining area. Contact a concrete company, like Sieben Cement Contractors Ltd., for more help.