2 Common Questions About Foundation Problems & Repairs

Are there cracks in a basement wall that you've put off getting repaired? If you care about the structural integrity of your home, you should start looking into the problem immediately. Here are two common questions about foundations that you may have.

Can You Detect a Foundation Problem on Your Own?

While cracks are the obvious sign that you have a foundation problem, you may notice that your basement walls look flaky. This is where parts of the interior wall start falling off in thin chunks that look like flakes. It happens when there is pressure on the foundation wall for an extended period of time, usually due to water sitting against the wall in the dirt that surrounds your home. The dirt will then begin to push against the basement walls, causing it to flake off on the other side.

You'll also notice ceiling damage happening throughout your home. This is caused by the walls not sitting as firmly on your home's foundation as they once did. In extreme circumstances, the walls may even lean inward.

You should also look for roof dips, cracks in window frames and walls, and doors and windows that you are having difficulty opening due to a slight foundation shift.

How Can Foundation Damage Be Fixed?

Before a professional can move forward with making repairs, they'll need to inspect your home to verify that you do not need a brand new foundation. It involves looking at the exterior and interior of your home to figure out why the foundation has fallen into its current state. For example, an interior water leak can cause problems with moisture that can damage a foundation. These types of problems must be fixed before you can move forward with a repair, or else the damage will be caused all over again.

An inspection also involves looking at your gutter system and how they drain. Keeping water away from the foundation is crucial in protecting it from potential water damage. If extending gutters away from the foundation cannot fix problems with water seepage, a sealant can be applied to the outside of the foundation. Applying it to the exterior is necessary to prevent water from pushing though small cracks that may be present in the basement walls, while an interior sealant will not provide sufficient protection from the damage that was being caused.

If you notice any signs of foundation damage, contract a repair contractor through companies like Brockman Engineering.