Host The Perfect Holiday Party By Furnishing Your Apartment Dining Room

Hosting a party this holiday season can be a great way to spend quality time with friends and family, but it can come with some challenges if you live in a smaller sized apartment. In order for you to entertain guests comfortably, you will need to adjust the dining room with the right furnishings.

By choosing the ideal table and adding decorations that help maximize space, you can serve food comfortably and have space for all of your guests during the holiday party.

Focus on Scale and Shape When Choosing a Table

When you first begin shopping for a table to be placed in the dining room, you will likely notice that some tables are better suited for small spaces than others. For example, you may notice that some tables are too wide and their rectangular shape make it difficult to maneuver around it. For a small apartment dining room, take the time to measure the space first and prioritize shapes that work for the room, such as ovals or circles.

Get Seating That Works for the Room

If you live alone or share the apartment with only one other person, you really do not need a lot of seating for day-to-day life. To ensure that all your guests have a space to sit, consider renting chairs or get collapsible chairs that can be put into storage when you are not hosting a party.

Ensure the Dining Room Has Ample Lighting

The lighting can make a big impact in how large the dining room feels, making it important to adjust the light if it feels too dim. While you may not be able to switch out the lighting fixture when you are renting, you can still replace the lightbulb itself to increase the amount of lighting in the room.

Use a Mirror to Create an Illusion of More Space

Hanging a mirror behind a light source or across from a window can make a big difference in how large the dining room looks. Putting up a mirror does not take up a lot of room and is fine for most rental units, allowing you to make the dining room feel more inviting without a lot of effort.

Make Sure the Rug Is an Appropriate Size

If you are planning on putting a rug underneath the table, take the time to make sure that it is an appropriate size for both the table and the entire room. The rug should help anchor the table and chairs, so you will need to choose a rug that is not too small or so large that it dwarfs the room.

Decorating the dining room just so is the best way to ensure that it is enjoyable to serve guests. To prepare your apartment for a holiday party, take the time to make some essential changes to the dining room with square footage in mind. For assistance, talk to a professional like home design by Thurber Home Plans.