3 Budget Friendly Ways To Refurbish Your Home's Décor

Giving your home's décor a whole new look does not have to involve spending an arm and a leg on things like furniture, artwork, and new flooring. There are a variety of ways to refurbish your home's décor on a budget that will make your place look and feel like a million bucks. Here are four options to consider trying yourself:

Have Your Furniture Refinished

An awesome way to give your home an update is to have your wooden furniture refinished, which will make it look brand new again for a fraction of the cost it would require to purchase new furniture from the store. Once the furniture has been refinished, you can paint it to brighten things up – keep in mind that color tends to have an emotional effect on people so choose your colors carefully. Try one or more of these options:

  • Use red to create excitement and energy.
  • Implement blue to lower blood pressure levels and alleviate stress.
  • Choose yellow to encourage happiness and introduce joy to your space.
  • Bring natural elements indoors through the use of green hues.

If you don't want to paint your wooden furniture, you can add a splash of color by replacing their cushions with colored options or using throw blankets along the backs of them. You could discuss other ideas with a furniture company like Custom Furniture by Ottawa Cabinet Co Ltd.

Reframe Your Artwork

Another fun way to update the look of your space is to reframe all of the art on your walls and tables. Choose basic wooden frames and use your personal creativity to decorate the frames before putting them on the art and hanging them. If you aren't confident in your personal art skills, you can pick up some stencils that features designs of your preference and use them as a guide. You can also use super glue along with wallpaper, stickers, even ribbon to create your designs.

Repurpose Old Treasures

If you're looking to add some new elements to your space on a budget, head to your local thrift stores to score old tabletop nick-knacks, bookends, vases, and other things you can take home and fix up to use. All you need is some spray paint, glue, sandpaper, screws, and a few do-it-yourself ideas to turn old two dollar items into priceless treasures that you and guests can appreciate. Host a decorating party so your friends can help with your designs in exchange for refreshments and fun.

Mix and match these ideas to create a uniquely updated look that transforms your space with creativity that helps to tell your personal story.