How To Create A Gorgeous Outdoor Kitchen

Can you believe that summer is almost here? It officially starts on June twenty-first, but it may already feel like summertime to you. That's especially true if your kids are out of school. Perhaps you have planned to entertain friends and family outside. If you've decided to add an outdoor kitchen, consider these ideas to create something gorgeous and unique.

Divide Your Patio Into Areas - Think about having part of your patio serve as the kitchen and the other part serve as a sitting area.

  • If you're serious about having a real outdoor kitchen, borrow ideas from your indoor kitchen. It's a great idea to have your grill, a pizza oven, and a stove with a regular oven close together. It's helpful to have a large island with a comfortable top for slicing and other food preparation. A butcher block countertop would be great! Did you know that butcher block is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial? Have the sink and a trash compactor close by. A good place for the refrigerator would be in an area that is centrally located to the rest of the kitchen. 
  • Think about having a round table for sit-down meals, as your guests will then be able to face each other. It's also great to have occasional smaller tables and chairs in the area for extra sitting or just for visiting. A swing or a hammock would be a wonderful addition, too. If there's room, consider the addition of a ping pong table or a pool table. Don't forget weatherproof covered storage pieces for game pieces and equipment.

‚ÄčThe Flooring - Think about choosing something that is both beautiful and practical for your outdoor kitchen floor.

  • A wooden deck would be beautiful and you would have lots of styles from which to make your selection. Even though wood lasts a long time, you will still probably have to stain in periodically to keep it looking nice. It's affordable, too.
  • Another idea is to choose a hardscape floor. Some great selections would be flagstone, rock or rustic tile. Another idea is to select concrete which you or a professional will decorate. Concrete paving is amazing! It can take on the look of the materials already mentioned, and it just grows prettier as the years go by. Another plus is that it is very easy to maintain. When it needs cleaning, just spray it with the garden hose and the job is done. Besides being durable and easy to take care of, concrete paving is also very affordable. If you need professional help with the concrete paving, contact a company like Island Asphalt Co.

Have a good time creating a beautiful outdoor kitchen.