Protect Your Wooden Deck With Stain

Some of the wood on your unfinished deck may begin to rot if it is exposed to moisture for extended amounts of time. Protect your deck by adding a couple coats of stain to its surface.

Use The Following Materials

  • broom
  • plastic scraper
  • electric sander
  • fine grit sandpaper
  • water hose
  • deck brush
  • bucket of mild detergent mixed with water
  • wood cleaner
  • wood stain (for exteriors)
  • paint tray
  • paint roller (with thick nap)
  • roller frame
  • roller handle
  • mixing stick
  • paintbrush

Sand And Sweep The Surface

Attach a piece of fine grit sandpaper to an electric sander and lightly run it over the deck's surface, moving it with the grain of the wood. Sanding will help the stain adhere properly. Sweep the deck off to remove sawdust and dirt. If large pieces of debris are stuck between boards, use a plastic scraper to loosen them. 

Clean The Deck

Add a cup of mild detergent to a bucket of water. Apply this solution to a deck brush and clean the deck. If some of the wood is stained, apply wood cleaner to the brush and scrub the soiled areas. Rinse the deck off well with a water hose. Wait for the wood to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Apply The Stain

Select stain that will enhance the wood's beauty or add a deep, rich color. Make sure that the product that you choose is designed for outdoor use. This will prevent water or the sun's rays from penetrating and damaging the wood. Mix the stain to eliminate bubbles and pour it into a paint tray. Apply the stain in straight, even lines with a paint roller.

If you use a paint roller that has a thick nap, you will find that you can easily roll the stain onto the wood. Wait for the stain to dry and apply a second coat for more coverage. Use a paintbrush to apply stain to fine details in the wood. Wait for the stain to dry completely before walking on the deck.

Take Care Of Your Deck

Your deck will continue to look great by keeping it clean on a regular basis. Remove dirt and residue with a water hose. If spills occur, clean them up quickly and remove stains with a deck brush and soapy water. Do not push heavy furniture across your deck. This can cause deep gouges to form in the wood. Following all of these steps will keep your deck in excellent shape for many years. Contact Distinctive Deck & Rail Ltd for more information on wooden deck upkeep.