Are You Decorating An Old-Fashioned Kitchen?

Are you are building a brand new house or redecorating your present kitchen with an old-fashioned theme? Either way, consider these ideas to achieve a darling and unique look.

The Walls - Choose wallpaper! Any color of gingham check or pattern with tiny designs of things like children, puppies, kitties, little birds and bird houses would be adorable. Choosing a small print for your wallpaper means that other old-fashioned decor will complement it. Wallpapers today last a very long time and they're easy to care for. Simply wipe them off with a damp cloth and a gentle cleanser.

The Floor - Consider linoleum. Not only would it be pretty, but it would also be authentic. Another fun idea is to have a concrete floor. Experts can make it look like anything from wooden planks to brick or pebble stone. Concrete will last a very long time, and the decorative treatment will just improve with age, giving it a soft, old appearance. Hand-braided throw rugs placed in strategic places would be a really great touch.

The Decor - This is the really fun part! Shop at yard sales, antique shops and thrift stores, and search your parent's or grandparent's attic. One very unique decorating idea is to have a clothesline on one wall where you can hang aprons, bonnets, pantaloons, long johns and other old-fashioned clothing. Look for antique cookie presses and cookie cutters to hang in groupings. Another sweet touch is to frame old family recipes and paper dolls, either antique or replicas.. Decorate shelves with rag dolls, crocks, pottery pitchers and anything else from the olden days.

The Counter Tops - A really good choice for an old-fashioned kitchen would be to have wooden cabinets and wooden counter tops, also known as butcher block.

  • Butcher block counter tops are made from cuts of wood that are permanently sealed together. This type of counter top provides an excellent work surface.
  • A warm look would be to select maple as your wood. If you want a richer look, cherry or red oak are great choices.
  • While butcher block is an excellent choice, it will require care. Oil it every few months so that it won't crack and so that it will keep its beautiful appearance.
  • When your butcher block counter tops need extra attention, just sand them and oil them all over again.
  • Don't worry about safety. Did you know that your butcher block counter tops have natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties?

Have a good time planning your old-fashioned kitchen! For more information, speak with experts like Granite Plus Inc.