More Than A Chimney Sweep: Three Things That Fireplace Servicing Can Help You With

When you need to have your fireplace cleaned, you may call a fireplace service to clean your chimney. These services will do the job of a chimney sweep to prevent problems like build up that can cause a fire. They will also be able to do small repairs to your fireplace to ensure that there are no problems. The fireplace-servicing professional can also help with things like cleaning exhaust flues or chimneys for a boiler, and other maintenance tasks. Here are some of the things that a fireplace service can do for your home:

1. Cleaning And Repairs To Your Chimney

One of thing that a fireplace service can do for you is repair things like the chimney and damper in your fireplace. These help to vent the gases out of your home through the chimney and overtime they can break. The fireplace service can repair these things for you to prevent gases from getting in your home and ash from building up in the chimney. The technician can also help with improvements to drafting if you have a problem with smoke getting into your home when you use your fireplace.

2. Repairing Gas Fireplace Installations

Gas fireplaces have more working parts, which means that you can have more problems with them. Some of these problems can be with the gas logs, valves and controls on your fireplace. A fireplace-servicing professional can test all the working parts of your gas fireplace to ensure that no repairs need to be done. If your gas system is not working correctly, turn the supply valve off on your fireplace and contact a service contractor to find out what is causing the problems.

3. Cleaning And Maintenance Of Boiler Exhaust Systems

In addition to fireplaces, a technician can also help with other exhaust systems in your home. If you have something like a biomass boiler, the service technician can help with repairs and servicing of the chimney exhaust systems on these types of boilers. Just like with your fireplace, ash and soot can build up, causing the boiler to work less efficiently and other problems that can lead to damage to your boiler.

These are some of the things that a fireplace-servicing professional (such as one from B C Fireplace Service Inc) can help you with. If you need to have maintenance done to your fireplace, exhaust flew pipes and other exhaust systems in your home, contact a fireplace service to get the help you need.