Handling Waste And Staying Secure: Tips For Maintaining Your Septic Tank

Many people choose to move out to rural areas because they want the peace and tranquility that the countryside provides. This move, however, also means sacrificing some of the conveniences of city life. A reliable municipal sewer system is likely one of these abandoned conveniences, so if you rely on a septic tank, it's important that you do all you can to keep it in good shape.

Below, you'll find a guide to some tips for maintaining your septic tank. By following these suggestions, you can have a much greater chance of avoiding expensive tank failures that could risk flooding your land in a hazardous and smelly wave of sewage.

Water Conservation

One of the biggest stressors on most septic tanks is the volume of water that they are forced to handle. If you're not conscious of your water usage, you're likely to be forced to drain your tank more frequently than you intended and likely to have a tank that is under extreme stress.

Many instances of water wasting, however, occur unintentionally. Be sure to check throughout your home for leaking joints, dripping faucets, and other appliances that may be using water inefficiently. Correcting these issues will keep your water costs down and remove a significant amount of strain from your septic system.

Weight Awareness

Most septic tanks are buried in the ground and surrounded by relatively loosely packed soil. This is designed to allow your tank to shift as it fills and gains weight, but it can also create unstable ground on the surface.

You should be sure to know where your tank is buried and avoid placing heavy objects directly above it. These large weight stressors will compact the soil and can risk cracks in the shell of your tank. This can create slow leaks that flood your ground over time and, in the most serious case, can cause sudden and dramatic failures of the tank structure.

Waste Consciousness

Everyone knows that some items aren't designed to be disposed of in the sewer, but most people still flush those items anyway. If you have a septic tank, however, it's easy for the tank to be clogged by paper products and other waste that may not degrade quickly. Be sure that you're not using the toilet for common household items like diapers, feminine hygiene products, cigarette butts, or cat litter, as doing so can cause significant buildup in your tank that will make it impossible for it to function at its best.

If you find yourself in need of septic services, either for routine maintenance or to correct a problem, be sure to contact a company like D & S Vacuum Truck Services.