International Themes To Inspire Your Own Kitchen Remodeling Projects

It can be inspiring to visit an international home and see what the kitchen looks like. The distinct cultural differences command different styles, designs, and configurations in the kitchens of international homes, giving each its own, unique flavor. A makeover inspired by one of these exciting locales could motivate many families to spend more time in the new kitchen, making it a worthwhile remodeling investment.

Try the following tips to give your kitchen an international makeover, and to echo some of the details that you may admire most in these exciting destinations.

An Italian Villa

The typical home in Italy seems to welcome and invite guests, with kitchens designed for interacting and entertaining. The room serves as a gathering spot for family members and visitors, and there is a comforting air to the space.

Bring Italy to your kitchen with these ideas:

  • Have contractors create archways over windows and install authentic-looking doors for an Italian touch. Often, stained glass makes a fitting accent.
  • Decorate with food whenever possible. This includes garlic swags, herb wreaths, and edible potted herbs.
  • Use tile and stone on the counters and trims to evoke a true Italian spirit, as much of the world's finest tile comes from Italy.

A French Bistro

The romance of France is often evident in the kitchens found here. Some of the details are simple, yet evoke a breezy sense of charm that may translate to the dishes prepared there. Create your own little bit of France in your own kitchen with some simple decorating and remodeling suggestions.

Get this French flair with these hints:

  • Invest in a kitchen island with a wine-rack along the side to display wines and spirits for cooking.
  • Install doors and windows with crown-molding and European features for a truly French flair.
  • Pick up an inexpensive metal patio set to create a bistro style atmosphere for an eat-in kitchen.
  • Let light in and use sheer panels with full valances on the windows. Decorate with plants and an herb wreath to bring a true French feeling to the space.

City Sophistication in Tokyo

Many of the homes and kitchens found in Tokyo are modern and efficient. Space is optimized with clever features and smaller fixtures, and a minimalist attitude seems prevalent. This modern minimalism gives the home an elegant sophistication, which extends to the kitchen area.

Spruce-up and bring sophistication with these suggestions:

  • Talk with builders about installing pocket-doors, which are very modern and trendy in the construction realm. Pocket doors slide in and out of the wall and door frame, which eliminates the need for bulky hardware or the typical space required to open and close traditional swinging doors. 
  • Seek out stainless steel appliances, which are ideal in a modern, city kitchen.
  • Get rid of the clutter and accentuate inherent qualities of the space, such as flooring, walls, and ceilings. Keep decorative accents at a minimum for the most modern, stream-lined effect.
  • Since spaces are typically smaller in Tokyo, multipurpose furnishings are popular choices. Choose tables with leaves, bench seating that provides storage, or under-the-cabinet appliances to keep the space tidy and organized.

When you are remodeling your kitchen, you may want to take a cue from some of the stylistic detailing of kitchens in far-away, exotic locations. Whether you prefer the warmth of an Italian kitchen, the romance of a French bistro, or the efficiency of an Asian-style home, there are some simple tips that can make a big difference and evoke this flavor in the décor, and perhaps even in the food! Contact a company like J & J Aluminum & Vinyl Products to get started with some supplies for your remodeling project.