A Guide To Interior Door Styles When Building A Home

They say when one door closes, another one opens. Not just any door will do though if you are building a home. There are many different options for interior doors and some are ideal for different situations, but here are five of the most popular styles.

Bi-fold Doors: These doors are a very popular option for closet doors. Two wood doors are hinged together and fold into one another, creating a larger opening to access the closet than sliding doors. They are also great because they do not take up as much room as a standard two-door opening. Many times these doors are paneled, but they are available in different styles. These doors are not ideal for a place requiring privacy, which is why they are ideal for closets.

Pocket Doors: Rooms that are smaller in size or would be interrupted by having doors swinging in either direction benefit from pocket doors. These slide into an opening in the wall so the doors are completely out of sight. There are different styles, including options that can be locked, so they can be used for just about any room. The biggest issue with this style is that it is very difficult to add in an existing home.

French Doors: Traditionally these doors are used for exiting the home into a backyard area. However, these doors can also be used inside the home to separate a formal living room or dining room. This helps to make the rooms more special or keep with an open living space. French doors are also great for incorporating natural light since the doors are largely created with glass panels.

Dutch Doors: A rising star in interior design is dutch doors. These are divided in half horizontally, allowing people to open the door all at once, or just open the top half. This allows air and light to come through while keeping small children or animals out. Kitchens are the most common area to incorporate these doors inside of the home.

Louvered Doors: Rows of slats come together to form louvered doors. You can open these slats at different intervals, allowing you to let in as much or as little light as you want. Another benefit to this style of door is that it allows better air circulation in certain areas. The best locations for these doors is to closets and laundry rooms since there is little privacy and air circulation is more important here.