Remodeling Your Fixer Upper - Five Renovations That Are Worth The Effort

If you have recently purchased an aging home, there are projects that can bring a modern look to your property. Beyond basic repairs like foundation work and roofing, aesthetic remodels will add value and make your fixer-upper a worthwhile purchase. Here are five home renovations that are worth the effort when it comes to upgrading your fixer-upper.

1. Redo Flooring

If your fixer-upper has old warped hardwood, dingy carpeting or peeling linoleum, an entire flooring upgrade is in order. This will remove dirt, grime and smells, and allow you to start with a more modern look of fresh hardwood and tiling. Work with a contractor that can upgrade your entire home either room by room or all at once before moving in.

2. Update the Kitchen and Bathroom

Two areas that can immediately up your resale value are kitchens and bathrooms. You don't need to do an entire overhaul; new fixtures, appliances, and countertops should do the trick for a quick upgrade. Simply painting existing cabinets will give these a second chance to look great if they are still functional.

3. Add Outdoor Spaces for Entertaining

If your home has a nice outdoor space that could use an upgrade, add in a deck off the front or back entrance. This can open up your home to the outdoors and provide areas for entertaining. Adding some basic landscaping with larger plants and trimming  back any weeds will immediately upgrade your outdoor look.

4. Knock Out a Wall

These days, open floorplans in common areas are popular and can make a home feel more spacious. If there is a wall between your dining area and living room, opening this up can make the main area of your home look more modern and inviting. This type of home renovation should be handled by a professional in case this is a support wall for the home or in case there is hidden wiring inside it.

5. Add in Another Room

If your home has an unfinished basement, rec room, or attic space, this can be turned into another bedroom or suite that will add value to your home. Renovation contractors can help you assess your space and let you know what additions are feasible.

Whether you are upgrading a fixer-upper to flip or to enjoy yourself, choose renovations that can help make your house a livable, modern home. Picking projects with the best return on investment will up the resale value of your home down the road.