Five Dangers You Can Prevent By Removing That Tree Stump In Our Yard

Tree stumps in yards aren't pretty, but they can't do any actual harm, right? Wrong! These things are more than points for sore eyes; they pose serious dangers to your homestead. Here are five things you can prevent by having stump removal done in your yard.

1. Injuries

Stumps are hazards that can cause injuries in different ways. For example, they can trip and injure children running or riding cycles in the yard. The stumps may also trip and injure visitors to your home; for example, during the night when visibility is poor (especially if your yard is poorly lit).

2. Lawsuits

You have a responsibility of keeping your yard safe so that objects in the area do not injure visitors to your home. Therefore, if you don't remove your tree stumps, they may trip and injure your guests. This may happen, for example, at night if your yard is poorly lit and visibility is reduced. The victims can sue you for injury compensation, which may increase your homeowners' insurance premiums.

3. Damages

Stumps can also damage equipment in your yard. For example, a stump that is protruding just above the ground can damage your lawn mower in case you accidentally hit it while mowing. Don't forget possible damages to bicycles, motorcycles and cars.

4. New Tree Growth

There are many reasons why people cut down trees. For example, you may have cut down the tree because it was blocking your view, littering your compound or roof with leaves and branches, or even competing with your garden flowers for nutrients. However, there is a chance that new trees may sprout from the stump, and they may even be more nutrient-hungry than the original tree at this early stage.

5. Critters

Are you comfortable with having lots of critters in your yard? Do you welcome the site and activities of beetles, ants, worms, and termites in your front yard? Some people don't mind such animals, but if you do, then you should know that they are usually attracted to decaying trees.

Expect them to be there for a long time since a stump in the ground can take awfully long time before rotting away.

Whatever your reason for removing a stump, you should choose an effective method that will get rid of it once and for all. Professional contractors can use mini excavators, grinders, or root and stump killing chemicals. The contractor will advise you on the best technique for your situation based on factors such as nearby landscaping, size and proximity to other useful structures.